This is not an April’s Fools joke, but Google does have a good one 🙂

We are excited to be launching the Kitten, a portable, accurate, and open source 3D printer. We’ve been working hard the past two weeks since unveiling Kitten at the Midwest Rep Rap Festival. We want to thank all of you for expressing your interest in this project. The number of people, and the quality of comments we received has been amazing!

As promised our GitHub repository is now live and updated with the lasted STLs and Bill of Materials. There’s also Assembly Instructions up. The assembly instructions are not finished, but will be in short order. Bear with us so we can get high quality instructions released.

Our website,, has had a major update. Right now we have 2 fully assembled and tested printers, and 2 easy build kits for sale that are available to ship next week. If these sell out, we will be taking preorders at our online store. These will have an expected lead-time of 3-5 weeks. Pricing on the assembled printers will be $1200, with the easy build kits going for $1050 if you include the printed parts, or $1000 if you print your own.

Hackaday wrote a great article about the kitten. You should check it out.

If you have any questions we can be reached at Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank You,

Patrick Woolfenden and Matt Skorina

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